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For sale Male White Swiss Shepherd for reproduction

agreed by St. Hubertus
pedigree FCI / Wolfs look / super character
perfect health: HD A, ED 0/0, DM N/N, MDR1 +/+
contact Christine Timmermans +32(0)472.27.09.37

Practical Information

Our puppies are of excellent quality. They are sold subject to certain conditions:

The puppies are available at 8 weeks, when they are:

Our dog breeding farm “The White Wolves” is located in the wooded province of Namur and can be visited at all times by appointment. We like to have repeated contact with the future new owners, and prefer to keep in touch after the puppy has left us so as to continue to provide advice and support. When the puppies are 6 months old, they are invited together with their masters for a nice get together and walk.


Ms. Timmermans

84 Les Basses
5590 Haversin

Puppies are still available!

Call: Ms Timmermans
Christine Timmermans +32(0)472 27 09 37
Helena Timmermans +32(0)483 45 09 68
Linde Timmermans +32(0)472 52 85 55

The White Wolves Rashond Zwitserse Herder